Extraordinary Tarot, The Game

Photo of a Possible Destinies spread from Renegade Brooklyn, behind my Tarot table, December 22nd, 2018 @ Brooklyn Expo Center.


I enjoy using Tarot as a party trick and when people say, "oh, wow, that really resonates with me, how did you know that I needed to hear that?" I get so excited.

But Tarot has so much more to offer than just that initial positive response. Anyone who loves Tarot or psychic entertainment knows that it's much more than that -- it can be a means of introspection, a call to find what resonates with us and why.

There are so many psychics and Tarot readers out there, all of who have their own philosophies about life and how to live it along with varying degrees of beliefs in mysticism and predicting the future and of course I have my own.

This summer, when I quit my office job to focus on summer Tarot events, I began further developing my intuition and how I could open up more to any insights that would help me navigate my life and become a better reader for others.