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A Crash Course in Ethical, Intuitive and Effective Spellwork

Many people turn to spellwork to harness a sense of control over their lives. Others use spells to persuade or intuit the actions of others.

Those who didn’t grow up around esoteric practices or in new age households often seek spellworkers (including Tarot readers) as a last resort.

I’ve had clients who confided in me that they spent thousands of dollars for spells that were more nefarious than helpful. Con-artists give spellworkers a terrible rap and for good reason—the shame and guilt that comes with being duped is so tragic that many people turn away from the esoteric arts entirely.

When practiced ethically, spellwork is an intensely personal practice where you have the liberty to explore possibilities, fantasize about your most ideal circumstances, and hold space where the seemingly impossible can come true.

In order to practice spellwork yourself, there aren't any prerequisites for entry. You can also use materials you already have on hand like flowers, tea or salt. Some people buy crystals, florida water or pre-written spells. Use what speaks to you, but consider where your materials are coming from. Make sure what you’re buying is ethically sourced, meaning that the environment and people who produce your tools are treated with the utmost kindness.

To start, create your own spells and use objects that carry heart and meaning to you.

For teenage me, these resources included my journal, my Tarot cards (Hanson-Roberts to start) and crystals. This supply slowly evolved into candles, bones, herbs, feathers, and a slew of other witchy goodies given to me by friends, found in thrift stores or art markets that I participated in.

Having friends who are also spellworkers creates a sense of community around your practice and you may find that people start to suggest certain herbs or materials that have worked for them when you start to talk more about your personal practice.

Put simply, spellwork is the act of setting an intention then creating a symbolic action. It can be done on your own, with another person, or in a group. You take time to set an intention, perform the symbolic action, then give it up to the universe.

Here’s a simple spell framework that’s kind of like submitting a job application:

You say to the employer (in this case, the universe)

1. Who you are, stating your full name.

2. What you want.

3. Why you are grateful for this new opportunity.

Asking circumstance to meet you halfway in your projected outcome, see what happens next. If nothing happens from this spell and you really want results, try doing it repeatedly. This is when your spell becomes your personal ritual, something that you can return to when you're losing faith.

Sometimes creating a