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How Tarot Readers “Tap In”

Third Eye

Everyone has a unique higher purpose, and Tarot can be used as a way to “tap in” to that idea quickly. But there are a couple prerequisites.

To feel a sense of clarity so powerful that you are able to give directional and insightful readings every time (for yourself and others!), the easiest thing you can do is meditate every day for at least 15 minutes and get a full night’s rest.

This is no secret but -- like eating healthy or exercising regularly -- meditating and sleeping are easier said that done for most of us.

Especially if we have yet to establish the habit..

It takes repetition and discipline to carve out self-care time as part of a daily ritual. It's been so crucial to my practice to the point where I don't know how people live without it.

The time I spent on anti-anxiety and depression medication was the only time that I did not find it necessary to regularly meditate.

Now, that I am off those medications, I absolutely need to meditate in order to feel balanced and clear.

Through diligent meditation, I got to the roots of my anxiety and depression and no longer need medication for anxiety and depression because I understand why I feel the way that I do.

2018... it's been a weird year.

Despite my judgement and personal bias toward a lot of sleep and meditation -- you may feel you need to meditate or sleep less than other people you know.

We are all a little different so what works for my brain chemistry might not work for yours.

BUT healthy tools like meditation and sleep -- tools that are of no cost to you, that no one can really take away from you -- can only help you get more in touch with your intuition and sense of purpose,

Of course, let's acknowledge that even if you are a regular meditater and sleeper -- sometimes you just can’t find the time to meditate or sleep a full 8 hours --- and in those circumstances, do what you can to find center, even if it means closing your eyes for ten minutes on the train, in the waiting room or on a lunch break.

Basically take the time spent scrolling through memes on Facebook to close your eyeballs and breathe.

Observe what happens when you cancel out the thoughts and opinions of others to make room for your own.

It's ideal to have the time and space to regroup but there are occasions when that's just not accessible and you have to finagle the extra time. Bonus points for that!

The key to tapping into a higher purpose -- however you get there, regardless of time, space or art -- is that you feel like you are living the best life you possibly can, and by doing so encouraging others to follow their own purpose.

If you don’t need sleep or meditation for that, congrats! You are an anomaly and might be missing out on some of the greatest human experiences available to us like dreams and other cool things that live in our subconscious brain that help us connect to our deeper selves, our higher purposes.

If you are feeling reluctant about meditating every day, the first order of spiritual business may be analyzing why you are experiencing resistance to being alone with your thoughts or body, often in silence or stillness.