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Tarot of the Day: Queen of Cups

Babe alert! Today we play the Queen of Cups from the "Hanson-Roberts Tarot"!

This is the third court card we've pulled in a row this week showcasing support in abundance. There are so many people in our corner right now! The Knight of Cups, The Queen of Pentacles, and now the Queen of Cups -- who's just a major babe.

Queen of Cups is someone who has a deep and highly-sensitive intuition. She excels most in sharing her perspective and encouraging others to do the same. She is reflective and emotional, and when she's in her power, she is observant instead of reactive, seldom taking the actions of others personally.

She knows that if she takes a step back and jots down her thoughts and feelings, she's able to bolster her resiliency and analyze the power her inner world tends to have on the outer.

Queen of Cups are the type of people who don't just go with the flow -- they are the flow! They follow their inner guidance and, by doing so, carve a path for others with deep seeded desires.

If you meet a Queen of Cups today, tell her/him/them that you appreciate their emotional strength and inner wisdom. If you resonate personally with the Queen of Cups, know that your power relies on your happiness and doing what will bring you the most joy.

From being a highly-sensitive person and letting so many people into her life, she has becoming discerning of her goals and motives as well as those of others. Today may be a good day to meditate and think deeply about where you see yourself by this time next year. The Queen of Cups loves that shit!

The Queen of Cups encourages us to be honest and open as we become more generous and genuine humans today, living lives that are aligned with our dreams.

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