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Tarot of the Day: Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups Tarot Card from the Aquarian Tarot

Here's a bent little knight card for you!

I kind of like how spills and other accidents wear the cards down showing that the cards are used, and used frequently. You can see above how the water has altered this card, how it won't lay flat anymore.

One of the many many reasons I love tarot is that it's a medium that embraces imperfections, knowing that there is always more to learn, always more to the story than what meets the eye, how our greatest weaknesses are also our greatest strengths and vice versa (which is why I read reversed cards and advocate that other readers should also consider the meaning of the reversed card, but that's a blog post for another time). Since I drew this card upright for this posting, I'm going to focus on only the most positive aspects of the knight of cups in this writing, and what I think would be most useful to you in this very moment.

The knight of cups has a way of captivating almost everyone around them with unwavering charm and swagger. Even when they're clumsy or forgetful, they're forgiven because they inspire so much fun and happiness wherever they go, and since they are a knight they are always on the move. They know they don't have to be perfect and that having good intentions goes a long way. This archetypal character is extremely sensitive, and when the knight of cups is forthright with their feelings, they can change negative thought patterns with a snap of their fingers. If they have a problem, they say it, and speak up with honesty. They are gifted diplomats who cherish kindness above all else with a great understanding of what it means to be human and feel deeply.

What would you do openly and honestly if you knew that your deepest feelings and truest self would reflect positively out in the world as you affect others lives in notable and thought provoking ways? The knight of cups knows that it starts with the self, and in order to inspire fun and inclusion they have to be well-rested and secure. This emotional cowboy is both sympathetic and empathetic. They've seen their share of life and want to share it with others, focusing on the moment and what they can do in the here and now with fun and humor!

Think about how you can be more romantic, fun and playful knowing that your heart is open to endless positive possibilities so long as you approach everyone you meet with curiosity and kindness.

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