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Lillstreet Loft Poster

Had so much fun reading tarot at Lillstreet Loft in Ravenswood this month! It was my biggest event to date-- I did 10 minute readings back-to-back, non-stop for two hours! I also had an AMAZING time the week prior at a feminist film screening (maybe the best indie film screening I've been to, honestly) put on by The Overlook. It was so great to learn so many people's stories and hear about their interest in story telling and playing cards (seriously, my two favorite things in the whole world.)

What's next on my agenda? Second Fridays in Pilsen this summer! I'll be setting up a booth at Pilsen Community Books once it warms up.

I'm majorly excited for sunny weather and am looking into taroting it up (sorry) at a couple small craft fairs and festivals, to get my feet wet in that scene. In the meantime, I might try putting out some feelers on the internet, and seeing where I can advertise single, online readings. Craigslist, anyone?

Many clients have been asking if I set up any props at parties and events. In the past, I've wanted to focus solely on the cards instead of showy items because it felt more realistic, more down to earth, like less of a spectacle. I've always been interested in demystifying tarot, making it less magic and more analytic. I currently carry rocks with my decks, but nothing else. I'm turning a new corner, though. I recently bought some tea candles and even sewed my own table cloth!

More exciting news to come! And as always, reach out if you'd like a reading, and let me know if you need an entertainer for your house show/ bar mitzvah/ dog's birthday party/ karaoke bbq.


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