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Tarot Game Boards Because Destiny Isn't Fixed But We Like Structure

October 6, 2019




If you've had a longer session with me, chances are we've played with possible destinies, where we lay out cards for several options.

We explore new jobs, homes and partners as possibilities -- it's one of my favorite ways to use tarot because I don't believe that our destinies are fixed and I like for the people I work with to determine that they are radical free agents with the ability to experiment with futures before we physically seek them out.


Reading tarot in this way we are able to explore possible destinies then work with intention towards the most ideal shifting future.

When we start working with possible destinies, that's when the whole game changes, when agency and fate collide. 


When you whole heartedly believe that there is more than one path for you to explore, be it in your career, relationships, artistic or spiritual pursuits, that's when life really starts to look like one big adventure game, and you get to choose your path, your character and the obstacles you may face to reach your goal. 

The beauty in the idea of possible destinies is that you get to choose where you go next. When you are uncertain it can be kind of scary, that's why with tarot we roleplay it out before we move forward.

I wanted a format for tarot so I created Tarot Game Boards.

These are loosely based on the Kabbalah, an esoteric system found in Judaism and Hermeticism and Tarot Birth Cards. 

Do you know what your Birth Cards are? The Tarot School has a Birth Card Calculator where you can calculate your birth cards. 


Use the tool above to calculate your birth cards. What are your cards? Do they resonate? Why or why not?


I think calculating your birth cards based on your birth date is a great way to start thinking about your overall life path, but if the cards that you're given don't resonate with you it's my belief that you can pick another set of cards to work with. 

You don't have to live where you were you were born. You don't have to adopt the same religion or occupations as your parents. You don't even have to identify as the gender you were born as.

We change and grow in ways that we see fit. Sometimes we do stay in the systems we are born into because they fulfill a desire or a duty, but we most certainly get to choose where we want to go and who we wish to be in our lives, obstacles included.

You absolutely do not have to identify with the Astrological or Tarot archetypes you were born into. It's up to you to decide which (if any) resonate with you with the regard that these systems can be helpful nuanced ways to explore who you are and who you may become.


Archetypes exist as framework for storytelling, self-reflection and conversation. They are not prescriptions. 


We can use Birth Cards, Tarot Boards and Possible Destinies as ways to find your personal archetype and work within its narrative framework, or subvert it in entirely. We can flip the whole dang concept on it's head if and when we want to because tarot is a game, and now we have 12 boards we can play it on. 

If this is of interest to you, you may book a reading with me, either over video chat or in-person on my online scheduling tool - just let me know that you're interested in working/playing with Birth Cards, Tarot Boards and/or Possible Destinies.

We'll take a look at your Birth Cards and default Tarot Board to determine whether that archetypal storyline is the one we wish to work with. Next, we'll talk about your goals and how we can use tarot to aid in the process of completing a project, choosing another Tarot Board if we see fit. After the session you'll be challenged to bring the game to life. 

My Birth Cards are the World and the Empress, which absolutely resonate with me... at least for now! Please share which cards you are if you feel called, and if you are interested in learning more about how your Birth Cards apply in a reading or on my Tarot Boards, schedule a reading with me here.



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