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Extraordinary Tarot: The Game

December 28, 2018

Photo of a Possible Destinies spread from Renegade Brooklyn, December 22nd, 2018 @ Brooklyn Expo Center.




I enjoy using tarot as a party trick and when people say, "oh, wow, that really resonates with me, how did you know that I needed to hear that?" I get so excited.


But tarot has so much more to offer than just that initial positive response. Anyone who loves tarot or psychic entertainment knows that it's much more than that -- it can be a means toward our deepest introspection, a call to find what resonates with us and why.


There are so many psychics and tarot readers out there, all of who have their own philosophies about life and how to live it along with varying degrees of beliefs in mysticism and predicting the future... and of course I have my own.


This summer, when I quit my office job to focus on summer tarot events, I began further developing my intuition and how I could open up more to any insights that would help me navigate my life and become a better reader for others.


A couple months after beginning my journey I started to have weird dreams that were about my past, but not of the past. I started to realize deep-seated trauma. And suddenly, on a spiritual retreat in the Pennsylvania's Poconos, I had a full body remembrance so fierce that I instantly knew what was leading me to question my reality. In order to come into my own power as an intuitive, I needed to confront it, and now since I have, I am now a much clearer channel for readings, and am realizing that I am more intuitive than I ever thought possible.


Intuition is a practical skill and it takes time and discipline to hone. When I actually started playing with cards is unknown to me. I know that I was in the 4th or 5th grade, so you could say 10 or 11, but I don't actually remember reading anyone other than my mom until I was 12.


For the first couple years of owning a deck, it was all mine. Sometimes I read cards for my mom with fascination and a little fear. When you don't understand what all the cards mean, they can be a little terrifying, so I read the white book that comes with the cards and memorized them all, but even earlier on I realized that memorizing the cards did not make you a tarot reader. Every card is context for something greater. Meaning in tarot, and in life at large, is circumstantial. As a reader, you start to learn how each card can mean several different things depending on the person you are reading, and that's where the intuition comes in. As a preteen, I was thrilled to guess what might be going on beneath the surface, or to guess what might happen.


As far as tarot goes for predicting the future, I like knowing what factors are in front of me so that I can be successful. But there are some things we just can't intuit and our circumstances (and others') change from day to day. 


Our lives seldom turn out the way that we thought them to be, despite our deliberation. We can get caught up in trying to figure out a reason for that, or we can play with the circumstances that we are unable to control, and the circumstances that we can control, and make life into somewhat of a game. For me, that is my life mission, and what I envision this next stage of Extraordinary Tarot to be. Essentially, I'm going to show a select group of people how I use tarot cards to fight depression, anxiety and fear, trust my intuition, inner voice and artistic inclinations.


It's going to be intense and life changing, and I'm going to call it Gamify Your Life -- a combination of tarot, table top gaming and life coaching, all over the phone so that people from anywhere in the world can play. To my knowledge, there is nothing else like this -- it's a completely new concept, bridging the gap between gaming and everyday life. And it's for people who want to go deep. I'm assuming if you read all this, you're the kind of person who is fascinated by deliberating with the unknown.


That's where the game approach comes in!


Similar to the Dungeon Master role in Dungeons & Dragons, I facilitate the game, presenting players with puzzles or objectives for the week ahead that are aligned with a set mission determined by each player at the beginning of the game.


Every person in the group will have something they want to accomplish by the end of their session. The mission statement can be as broad as developing more intimate relationships or finding a life calling, or as specific as overcoming a fear or finishing a novel. Some challenges will be career related, others will be more emotional, but they will all converge at the desire to be the best version of ourselves as we can possibly be. It's a life long journey, but it helps when you have assistance from those on a similar path.


At it's core, Gamify Your Life is a self-development program for highly motivated people who want to challenge themselves this year while leaving room for change and surprises. 


It will consist of hour long Extraordinary Tarot sessions each week to assist players in

  • developing unique story lines  -- including super powers, temperament, belief systems and backstory.

  • creating tool kits to strengthen resilience, motivate in moments of self-doubt, and bend circumstances that seem outside of our control. 

  • identifying a support network of friends, family, colleagues, and groups who can assist us on our unique paths.

  • securing victory points, and acknowledging moments of accomplishments both big and small.

  • setting goals and sticking to them in order to become more conscious and active participants in shaping dreams into reality.

  • watching how our lives change when we operate from a fun but deliberate place.

  • strategically roleplaying different scenarios and possible destinies to determine action plans, puzzles and motives for the weeks ahead.


2018 has been my most magical year yet and I'm so excited to be bringing the magic to my tarot practice. This game has taken me places that I never believed possible and I can't wait to share that story and help others get in touch with their truths, slay those monsters, fight those demons, uncover our most authentic selves and form thought provoking lives around them. If you are interested in going deep this year, facing your fears and living your very best life, let's work together -- I am too.




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