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Calley Nelson,

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Hello, I am Calley Nelson, the founder of Extraordinary Tarot. I provide intuitive consultations based on game theory, the hero's narrative and a higher purpose.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing; enabling me to use both practical and esoteric tools to weave a truly empowering story with an approach that is both thought-provoking, universal and unique.

I am a life-long clairvoyant with over 10 years experience reading Tarot. I combine my training in the arts with my intuitive knack to deliver sessions that are resonant and helpful.

Looking for a mystical yet practical approach to psychic readings?


Tarot is not just a card game -- it's a lifestyle, a philosophy, a 600 year-old theory testing fate, free will and possible destinies. My tagline is, "Gamify Your Life" which means that sessions with me tend to be most helpful when you're feeling challenged, whether it's in your relationship, career, or connection to a higher art. This is where I jump in, using the archetypes presented in tarot to craft a narrative structure then assisting you in exploring possible choices, outcomes, and methods for empowerment. I then finish by providing you with an action plan for gamifying your life beyond the card table.

Consider me your intuitive dungeon master, helping you craft your life's map and determine your destiny!


Request a quote for your party or use my online tool to book a private reading. If you are interested in tarot lessons, Gamify Your Life coaching or business mentorship, schedule a time to chat with me here.

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